Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Mommy Must-Haves: Baby Products

Over the last 8 weeks, there have been several products that have greatly helped us with having a new baby.  These are our "must have" products for baby August!  This list does not include breastfeeding products.  You can find my must have nursing products HERE.

1. SwaddleMe

August loves to be swaddled, as do most newborns.  We had been using his favorite blanket (see below) to swaddle him, but he would always wake up screaming in the middle of the night, and the blanket would be all kicked off.  The past four nights I have put him in the Swaddleme.  I had used it a couple of times but had quit because he would scream when I put him in it, so I thought it was too tight or hurting him.  Turns out, he just gets frustrated for a second because he can't move.  I put him in it the past four nights, and he calms right down and goes to sleep.  PLUS.....HE HAS SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!  Yep, the last 4 nights he has slept for 6-7 hours straight.  (Insert angels singing here.)  I could not  do without this product.  For sure.  We got our SwaddleMe at Babies R Us.

2. August's Favorite Blanket: Cloud B Swaddle Blanket

For us, this is the perfect blanket.  It's not heavy and fleecy, but it's not thin like a receiving blanket either.  It's great to take with you when you don't know what the temperature will be (restaurant, doctor's office, someone's house, etc.).  It is so soft too.  A sweet family at our church gave this to us as a gift, and they even   had August's initials put on it.  We get so much use out of this blanket.

3. August's Favorite Pippy: Gerber First Essentials Pacifier

I have always called it a passy, but my husband calls it a pippy. :)  August's favorite is the Gerber First Essentials Pacifier (thanks Karen!).  We were going to be those parents: "Our child won't have a pacifier.  He won't need one."  HAHAHAHA.  The first night we were home from the hospital, August screamed from  12:00 a.m. until 5:00 a.m.  Finally, I lost it, "Where is that pacifier they gave us at the hospital?!?!"  We stuck the pippy in, and it worked wonders.  That was the Soothies brand.

He loved it.  The nipple on the Soothies pippy is large, so that's what he got used to.  So when we lost that pippy, we looked through our stash of pippies people had given us at our baby showers.  I found the Gerber ones, and he loves them just as much. I wish we could use the MAM ones or a different one since we have so many varieties of pippies, but he prefers the ones with "more to suck" if you will.  The MAM ones just pop out of his mouth.  (He's a violent sucker.)  So we are loving these Gerber pippies.

4. Favorite Diaper: Pamper's Swaddlers

This is our favorite diaper brand.  So far, we have only had one blowout, and that was probably because he went a few days without going #2, so he had been saving up.  The tabs on these diapers stay in place really well, and we of course like the yellow line that turns blue after he has pee peed.  The Swaddlers have a really tight fit, so they aren't too bulky either.  We are extremely thankful that we have not had to buy diapers yet.  We got so many packs at our baby showers that we are still going through them all and still have plenty to go.  If you got us diapers (of any brand, because we are using them all), thank you!!!! :)

5. Gripe Water

This stuff is great.  We give it to August when he is gassy or has a bad case of the hiccups.  (Hiccups make him really mad.)  You just put a little in a syringe and squirt it in his mouth.  It works within just a couple minutes.  He also loves the taste.  We used this stuff a lot when August had to take medication for thrush.  The medicine would hurt his tummy, so we would follow it up with this, and it fixed the problem.  Good stuff to have on hand for sure.  

6. Boudreaux's Butt Paste

We love this diaper rash cream, and not just because of its name. :)  This stuff clears up August's diaper rash in less than a day.  We can always tell a huge difference after just one application.  It's not sticky at all and doesn't have a strong scent.  It's wonderful stuff. 

I hope this helps any soon to be mommies out there!  If you already are a mommy, what are your favorite baby products?  Let's compare notes! :)  Thanks for reading!


  1. We used the swaddleme blankets till Ben was 5 months old and didn't fit anymore. Definitely helped him sleep better, too.

  2. I totally agree with you about the swaddling! I love swaddling my son with Swaddle Me. My husband likes it too because it's so easy to do compared to the traditional blankets.


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