Friday, November 30, 2012


Well, it's only been about a month since I updated.  Our computer screen died, so the computer was toast.  We took it to Best Buy, and they said we might as well get a new computer.  So we have been saving the last few weeks so we could get one.  So now I'm back! 

August woke up from his afternoon nap Tuesday of last week, and his cheeks were bright red and he felt very warm. I took his temp and it read 103.2.  Ahhh! I called his doctor's office, and they told me to give him some fever reducer and that if it didn't go down within 45 minutes to take him to the ER.  That was so scary. Thankfully I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the next morning (well visit).  His fever went down with the reducer, but by the middle of the night, it was back up again.  I woke up at 2 a.m. to hear him doing a deep moan. When I went in his room, he was in the fetal position on his side, and he was shaking so badly I thought he was convulsing.  I gave him some more medicine, nursed him, and prayed for the next couple hours as I held him.  I was so worried.  The next morning he refused to nurse and the little milk I could get in him he just threw back up.  I cried most of the way to the doctor's office.  I thought for sure something terrible was wrong with him.  I started picturing him in the hospital hooked up to all sorts of monitors.  When we got in a room at the doctor's office, they pricked his finger and swabbed his nose and found that he tested positive for flu.  
Waiting at the doctor's office
Let me tell you that the flu with a 6 month old is awful.  He was so pitiful and cried every time he coughed.  One minute he was cold and the next minute he was hot.  I felt so bad for him.  The same day I took him to the doctor's office I started feeling bad too.  I am sure I had the flu as well because I ran a fever for 3 days, had a very sore throat, chills, cough, and sneezing.  Adam was a WONDERFUL caretaker though.  He pretty much did everything for August so I could rest.  He kept my cup refilled with ginger ale and made sure I ate regularly.  I am SO thankful for Adam.  I don't think August and I could have made it without him.  I love my man. :) We missed Thanksgiving, but my mom brought us some food, and our sweet friend Morgan gave us a homemade pumpkin pie.  Adam and I decided as horrible as it was for August and me to be sick, we really needed those few days of down time as a family.  It was nice to spend time together and not feel like we had to participate in everything going on.

We are on the mend and have been fever free for almost a week now.  I am sooo glad. I finally cooked tonight. It was hard to get back into the swing of things.  Adam did a great job of keeping the laundry going while I was sick, so thankfully I didn't have too much of that to catch up on.  I feel like I have a ton more to update on, but it's not coming to me.  My good friend Samantha took some family photos/August's 6 month photos for us a couple weeks ago, and I will be posting some of those soon. She did such a wonderful job!!!  They look SO good! I can't wait to share some of them with you.  I'm headed to bed soon, so I will leave you with a couple recent photos of August!

This was a few hours before he woke up with a fever.  We ran out to the mall for a few minutes, which we NEVER do.  I can't remember the last time I went to the mall. 

This picture is out of focus and shows off my messy laundry room, but this picture is sheer joy to me.  I LOVE seeing this happy face! 

Thanks for sticking with me! I will be updating more regularly, so stay tuned. :) 


  1. I was wondering what happened. I was about to ask Samantha. Just send me an email whenever you and August can get together :)

    1. Hey girl, I sent you an email. Did you ever get it?


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