Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3rd Anniversary Weekend Getaway!

Last weekend Adam and I took an overnight getaway for our third wedding anniversary.  I was very nervous about leaving August overnight since I never had before.  I knew he would be fine with my parents, but I still worried that he would think I left him forever.  Of course that turned out not to be true, and he had a blast with his Nana and Grandpa.  I'm thankful to my parents for taking such great care of him so hubby and I could get away!

After we dropped August off with my parents, we ate at Applebee's since my father in-law had given us a gift card. I had the most amazing meal!  Seriously, it was soooo good.  It was a new dish there called "Margarita Queso Chicken and Shrimp."  The name doesn't even do it justice.  The shrimp was covered in a lime-cilantro sauce, and the Mexican rice was mixed with queso.  Then the whole thing was topped with sliced avocado.  Oh my goodness.  So good.  It has inspired me to fix several dishes this week using those same ingredients. 

After we left Applebee's, we headed for our motel.  We stayed at a Comfort Inn close to Lanier World.  Lanier World, where we would be spending the next day, actually has a resort, but for $300 a night, we weren't interested.  We gladly slept in the Comfort Inn 2 miles away for less than a third of the resort price.  Bonus: Comfort Inn included breakfast! 

The next day we spent laying on the beach!  Yep, a beach in the middle of Georgia.  Who knew?  Lanier World has a water park, board walk, ferris wheel, and even a sand beach.  We basically just spent the day laying out in the sun and swimming.  It was wonderful.  I really needed that getaway just to unwind and reconnect with Adam.  He stays very busy with work and church, so I feel like I hardly ever get to see him.  It was like we got to know each other all over again.  It was much needed.  We also enjoyed the sights from the ferris wheel.  Here are a few pictures and video from the trip! 

Adam dug me a belly hole so I could lay on my belly!  What a man!

Beach feet pic fail.  Finger bombed, white feet, new scar on left foot where I dropped my laptop. 


We made it back home in time to give August a bath and hit the sack!  I slept sooo well being back in our own bed.  I am looking forward to another getaway! :)

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