Saturday, August 21, 2010

We Love ALDI!!!!!

Today Adam and I went to Aldi.  Why have we not been to Aldi sooner??!?!!!  Oh my goodnes, we saved

soooo much money!!!  I have been trying to do couponing, but I honestly cannot keep up with the sales, remembering to buy the Sunday paper or get it from someone, etc.  I know there is but I didn't even have enough time to check that and plan my grocery list.  So I have heard a few people say that Aldi saves you money, but I really didn't think it would be that big a deal.  I mean, how much could it really save you?  Well, let me tell you.  Adam and I would spend $140 at Ingles on a "stock up" trip.  That's what we call it when we basically are down to nothing.  That price is using the Ingles Advantage Card.  But we went to Aldi today and did a stock up trip......keep reading for how much we paid :)

This is what we bought.  Now, it may not look like a ton.  But this is the stuff Adam and I eat on a regular basis.  We try to eat pretty healthily, and healthy food is EXPENSIVE!!!

This is Diet Dr. Dazzle (which I mistakingly keep calling Diet Dr. "Drizzle, lol), lean ground turkey meat, one pound of turkey lunch meat, salmon skewers (salmon with veggies on a skewer for grilling), turkey dogs, turkey bacon (did I mention we like turkey?), strawberries, bananas, whole grain chips, Bran Flakes cereal, Cinnamon Crunch cereal, Fit and Active (their healthy brand) pepperoni pizza calzones, Grilled Chicken Strips (already grilled, just have to heat them up), blueberries, 2 boxes of peanut butter chocoloate chip granola bars (only 100 calories per bar!), a dozen eggs, 6 yogurts, Fiesta dip made in their deli (black beans, salsa, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole..spell check....soo good!), Fit and Active whipped topping, a half gallon of green tea with honey, four cans of fruit, spaghetti sauce, and paper plates. 

LOTS of healthy stuff!  $140 at Ingles.....but at Aldi......$58!!!!!  Ohhhh yes!  I was so excited!  That Ingles trip did not even include some of the meat we got.  Meat is so expensive in the grocery store.  I couldn't believe the quality of the items we got for that price.  I mean, we didn't stock up on junk food.  Junk food is cheap.  This stuff is not.  Plus, this was a stock up trip!!  So we normally will probably only pay around $35-$40 or so.  I am so excited!!  We had a great time.  I took more pictures (to spread the excitement) but they're on my camera and not my cell phone.  My camera cord is MIA, so I need to get a new one.  YAY!  So excited!

Last night we had a date night and went to Dinner in the Diner (at the Chattanooga Choo Choo).  It was so much fun.  We hadn't been on a nice date since our honeymoon.  Normally that wouldn't be something that we could afford.  I got a $25 gift certificate offline at for like $2 or $3.  No restrictions apply (no, I didn't get paid to say that).  So that was some great savings.  I will post pictures as soon as I get the camera cord thing straightened out.  We also have certificates to the Station House (also at the Choo Choo) that we can't wait to use. 

Adam and I have been sticking to our running/walking routine.  It's actually more running than walking, which I'm excited about!  The evenings workout actually works out pretty well for me.  I get to get all my stress out, shower before bed, and then I can get ready in 20 minutes or less in the morning.  It's great.  We actually are going to go in the morning before church if we can get up!  I like it so much better than spin.  It works more with my schedule, and I enjoy getting outside.  Well Adam and I are getting ready for a lazy evening at home (minus the laundry).  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Oh my goodness, it's been forever since I have had the chance to just relax and write on here.

    First, I would like to say that I'm going to type in "Aldi" in my garmin and find the closest one around!! How awesome of savings!! We have a Publix but it's SOOO expensive there.

    It sounds like things are fun fun around the Hare house! Working out, dates, work that you love. I'm so excited for you! i think it's really awesome that you and Adam are working out together. That really builds a bond between two people. When me and James were at Toccoa we worked out in the weight room 4 days a week and i loved it! We've went on one run since we've been married. I just don't like getting up super early in the morning to run. We have a bench with weights on our sun porch. Maybe we can start doing that and run in the evening. James stays super busy all day so I may have to run on my own in the evening, which would be fine.

    Things have gotten so much better here, btw. I'm understanding my stubbornness and independence more and more and relying on Christ to help me rip it out of my heart. It's made everything so much harder than I can imagine it would be. Go figure. I love being married and I love James so so much. Ultimately marriage comes down to unconditional love and I'm starting to learn how to act in that :)

    I'm going to go post a blog now on our updated life! I'll talk to you soon!

    Keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine!! Love you girl!


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