Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kitchen Chalkboard

Since having August, I have spent a lot of time at home.  This time at home has me coming up with more projects that I want to do.  Of course, I pretty much have no time to do any of them, but every once in a while, I find myself with an hour here and there to spare.  I have learned to take advantage of these short bursts of time to get things done (like writing a quick blog post!).  Before August, I would spend hours on a project until it was finished.  I have learned that projects will eventually still get done if I keep chipping away at them a little at a time.  

I have wanted to have a chalkboard of some kind in my kitchen for a while.  I figured it would be a good place to jot down reminders, a weekly menu plan, prayer requests, etc.  So one Saturday while Adam was mowing the yard, I decided I would tackle it.  There is a place in my kitchen that I thought would be perfect for a chalkboard wall.  When you first walk into the kitchen from the living room, directly to your left is the end of the cabinet section that holds the fridge.  

Ignore my messy kitchen counters.  I had some leftover frog tape from when we painted the countertops, so I got to taping. 

Then I just started painting.  I started out using a semi-smooth paint roller, and the finish was bumpy, so I switched to a smooth paint roller for the last 2 coats.  I would have started with a smooth roller, but semi smooth was what I had on hand.  Don't use that one.  This is the paint I used.  I got it at Ace Hardware.  
It actually took me a few days to complete just because of our busy schedule.  I did 3 coats.  Each coat had plenty of time to dry before the next since I didn't complete this project in one day, so if you are doing this project in one day, just give each coat several hours to dry before moving on.  Here is the finished project!  Just in time for our annual 4th of July get-together with our family.

After the 4th, I put the last verse of one of my favorite poems up.  It's a good reminder to take this time to enjoy August and to not be so busy.

Well, I hear a baby waking up from his nap!  Gotta go!  Thanks for reading! :)

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