Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thank You, Lord

This morning as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I found myself thinking about how mundane it can be to do the same chores every day: empty the dishwasher, take the clothes out of the dryer to be folded, make the bed, start a new load of laundry, etc.  Just as I was trying to think of another way to get all this done besides doing it every day, the Lord spoke to my heart.  He started turning my silly complaints into blessings that I should be thankful for.  I love how He does that.  He never lets me feel sorry for myself, which I am grateful for.  I immediately felt rebuked, but I now realize all of these inconveniences are blessings.  I am going to do my very best to always see it this way, to combat the discontentment that Satan will undoubtedly feed me.  I decided to write out a few of the complaints I have in my daily life, and instead of complaining, I can turn it into thankfulness.

1. I hate unloading this dishwasher every single day.  Thank You, Lord that I have a dishwasher.  I didn't have to stay up late and wash these by hand.  The dishes were clean and ready for use when I got up this morning.

2. This laundry is never-ending.  I feel like I am constantly doing laundry.  Thank You, Lord that I have a working washer and dryer.  Thank You for the money you have given us to buy clothes.  Thank You that I can purchase clothing to keep my family warm.  Thank You for the bodies that fill this clothing.

3. I feel like I just swept this floor yesterday.  Now it's covered in crumbs and dirt.  Thank You, Lord that we are able to have crumbs that cover this floor.  It means we are eating.  Thank You for the dirt that was tracked in.  It means my family can walk and that my husband has been working hard for us out in the cold.

4. There are toys and baby gear everywhere.  This place looks like a daycare.  Thank You, Lord for my son.  Thank You for this precious gift of life.  Thank You for the people who have given us the toys and baby gear to help my son learn and grow safely.  Thank You for the gift of fertility in me.  Thank You for August's health and that he is able to play with these toys.

5. I hate cooking supper.  I don't even know what to fix.  Thank You, Lord that I even have this dilemma.  Some mothers worry because they don't have any food for their children.  I have a pantry, fridge, and freezer that would appear full to someone who has nothing.  Please help me to use my resources wisely and to share what we have with others.

First meal I ever fixed for Adam as a married couple...soup.  It was only 90 degrees outside, and he had just come in from mowing. :) Haha.
6. My husband leaves his clothes everywhere.  I feel like I am always picking up after everyone.  Thank You, Lord that I have a husband.  Thank You that my husband leaves his clothes here and not at another woman's house.  Thank You for his faithfulness in our marriage.  Thank You for the way my husband lives according to Your Word.  Thank You for the way he provides for our family.  Thank You for the way he loves me and our son.  Thank You that he is imperfect, because if he were, he definitely wouldn't be with me!

7. Our back yard is a mud pit every time it rains.  The dogs are always tracking mud in.  Thank You, Lord that we have a backyard.  That is a privilege that we have a safe, fenced in area to be outside.  Many people don't know what it's like to even be safe outside.  Thank You for our country and that we can go outside without fear.  Thank You for the companionship that our dogs provide. 

8. I didn't sleep at all last night.  I am exhausted.  Thank You, Lord that I have a nice bed to rest my head and my body at night.  Even though I couldn't sleep, I was still home in my quiet, warm house.  I wasn't working late hours or separated from my family.  Thank You for the time I got to lay close to my husband.  That is a blessing.  Thank You that You were not sleeping, and I was able to talk with You.

9. I don't know what my son wants.  I have fed him, changed him, played with him, and held him, and he is still fussing.  I can't handle this! Thank You, Lord for teaching me patience.  Thank You for molding me to depend on you.  Thank You that the testing of faith produces endurance (James 1:3).  Thank You that I am able to stay at home with August and take care of him.  Thank You for giving me hearing, not only to hear his crying, but for hearing his laughter.  Thank You for reminding me, that this too shall pass.  One day I will miss these days, and I will long to do them again.  Thank You for loving my son.  Thank You for giving me Your only Son, Jesus Christ.  Thank You for His sacrifice and that my son does not have to make that same sacrifice. 

Soooo grumpy.  Mom, don't make fun of my grumpiness.

Nope, still not gonna smile.

Oh the things we do to try and get our kids to smile. 

10. I just don't have the same body I once had.  My hips are wider (which I didn't think would be possible since they were already so wide), the baby weight is slow to come off (now not coming off since I'm pregnant again), my skin looks horrible, and I just don't feel like a woman anymore.  I feel like a mom.  Thank You, Lord for my wide hips.  It means I was built to carry life inside of me.  Thank You that they are now wider, since it means a baby has passed through them.  Some women who deal with infertility would give anything to have this "complaint."  Thank You that my struggle is with extra weight and not starvation.  Thank You for giving me the restraint and the knowledge to know how to eat healthily, even though I abuse it.  Please help me to make the best choices I can with my eating habits and to be content with the shape of the body You gave me.  Thank You that Your idea of beauty is not the same as the world's.  Thank You that you value a gentle and quiet spirit over a tiny waist and flawless skin. Please help me to step away from the t.v., magazines, and internet so that I can block out all of the false messages about how the world thinks I should look.  Thank You for my hormones which help me to get pregnant, grow a baby, regulate my body, and produce milk.  Thank You that I am a mom!  Thank You for this high and holy calling, even though the world doesn't view it that way.  You have told me in Your Word that there is no greater calling and blessing for me, as a woman, to be a mother.  Thank You for valuing motherhood and for helping me with my daily tasks.  Thank You that you have built my body so that I may complete everything I need to get done in a day.  Thank you for making me.  My body is Your masterpiece, and it is beautiful. 

The day before August was born.
3 weeks old
6 weeks postpartum

2 months postpartum
3 months postpartum

4 months old
4 months postpartum
5 months postpartum
6 months old

Pregnant with Baby #2 at 7 and 1/2 months postpartum
Thank you, Lord for giving me life today.  Thank you for the opportunity to love and care for my family, to sacrifice my body for Your kingdom, and to most importantly bring You glory. Thank you that I am Yours.


  1. Thank you for this Amanda! I needed this. You have no idea. Instead of wasting time complaining, why don't I spend my time praising God for what he has given me. He have given me an abundance that I take for granted, and I shouldn't. So glad I read this today. =)

    1. It's amazing how we can overlook His blessings isn't it? He has given us so much, yet we think we have so much to complain about! Glad we are both choosing to praise God today!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm so glad God reminded me of the joy in day to day life.

  3. I love the way you think to be thankful for your husband leaving his clothes on the floor! I can get so aggravated when every. morning. my hubby leaves his on the floor to rush out the door to go to work. BUT, I can be thankful at his willingness to provide for his family so I can stay at home with the kids. This was a blessing to me to read!

    1. I know, right?! The clothes thing too has bothered me for quite some time, but it is so great for God to give me that reminder about how blessed I am to even have my husband. I'm so glad that the Lord used this as a blessing for you today! :)

  4. Your post was a blessing to me. I have been feeling the same way about the repetitive chores and thankless tasks that we as women perform on a daily basis. Thank you for helping me see through it all and to thank God for everything I have been blessed with.

    Lacy P.

    1. I'm so glad that you read this post. It is really hard doing the day to day things and feeling like they go unrecognized. But our God sees us (El Roi), and He gives us the strength to do what He considers Kingdom work, even though it doesn't always feel like that's what we're doing. But He values us, and He will give us everything we need to be excellent wives and mothers.

  5. You look beautiful (you've always been so gorgeous, and motherhood suits you so well!).

    This post sounds SO MUCH LIKE ME. I seriously go through this struggle every day. I sigh when I pick up Ben's clothes AGAIN for the millionth day in a row.. then I think, I am so lucky to have a husband who loves me and our kids. Its seriously all day long. I try really hard to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones. So glad you commented and I found your blog again!

    Also - I don't have a dishwasher! haha.

    1. Aww thank you so much! That's so nice of you to say. It's really hard to be positive a lot of days, but I'm so glad God reminded me of what I do have, and I should be grateful to Him for it. We didn't have a dishwasher for our first year of marriage, so I really admire you for not having one at all! It can be some serious work cleaning all of those dishes! You deserve an award for sure!!


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