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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This post was written Wednesday, December 26, 2012, but it wasn't posted to the blog until Friday, January 11, 2013.

Well, Adam's birthday and Christmas have come and gone.  August's first Christmas was a whirlwind, and he is still recovering.  He has done a lot of sleeping the past couple days.  It's all so much for him to take in!  We still haven't told everyone that I am pregnant.  We have told 3 people at this point...wait no, 4.  We still have not told any family.  My brother proposed to his long time girlfriend on Christmas day, and we did not want to take away from the excitement of that.  We knew the proposal was coming, so as fun as it would have been to tell everyone then, I didn't want to take the spotlight from Andrew.  Plus, I think if Andrew proposed and we revealed we were pregnant again all on the same day, my mom would probably stroke out.  Just sayin!  Love you, Mom!  You know I'm right!

Today I am feeling surprisingly optimistic about this pregnancy.  I am excited, even.  Each day I am more and more ok with it.  Tonight I have been thinking about how I need to purge a ton of clutter and unused things out of this house.  The spare bedroom will need to become (a 2nd) nursery.  August will keep the room he has, and we will make the junk spare room the new nursery.  I will need to relocate my craft stuff, come up with a better filing system that doesn't involve a filing cabinet, clean out the closet in the spare room, and relocate the elliptical.  That last one will be the challenge.  I really don't want the elliptical in the garage, because I would probably be less likely to use it.  But obviously it can't be in the kids' rooms (did I just say KID....S?!), and it can't be in the living room (ours is tiny and already filled with baby gear), and it can't go in the kitchen or bathrooms for obvious reasons.  So if we don't put it in our bedroom,  the only place it can go is the garage.  However, I don't think it will fit in our room.  Soo....hmmm...

Speaking of elliptical, I really want to be healthier this pregnancy.   Last pregnancy I was working, and I was way too tired to cook or exercise after work.  We ate a ton of fast food, and I ended up gaining 51 pounds.  I still have 10 of those 51 pounds leftover, which I'm not happy about starting with this pregnancy, but I'm thinking if I do a lot better about not gaining as much weight, I can still lose it after this pregnancy.  I woke up motivated to really eat healthy today since I gained 2 pounds over the last few days of Christmas parties.  I ended up eating leftovers because I didn't want them to go bad.  Oh geez.  I need to get serious.  I can still lose those 2 pounds while it's early if I get on it!

Here is what we're starting with. I'm totally sucking it in in this picture.  Just keepin it real.

I have no idea how many weeks pregnant I am.  Maybe 5 or 6?  I have no clue.  We are still waiting on insurance coverage, so until we get that, I have no reason to call my doctor because we can't afford blood work and an ultrasound out of pocket.  I have been so busy that I have been forgetting to take my prenatal vitamins, so I am going to be much better about that. 

My stomach is already changing shape.  I knew that it would show faster with my second pregnancy, but I think I am showing especially soon since my abs were no where near back in shape since my last pregnancy.  (For those of you who are just jumping in, I am 7 and 1/2 months postpartum.)  I still had some extra skin as well.  It hurts so bad to try and hold my stomach in.  I can do it for a very short period of time, and then it starts hurting and feels like I have done an ab workout.  I wore blowsy tops during Christmas and even a large shawl so I wouldn't show my little pot belly.  I just could not suck it in.  It feels like my uterus has already moved higher, which makes me feel like I could be further along than I think, but I dunno.  My belly is already rounding above my belly button.  That part was actually flat a few weeks ago.

I think that's about all I have to ramble about tonight.  I'm looking at cell phone plans online.  We're sick of Verizon's lame customer service and their inability to back up their phones, so we might be switching.  Goodnight!

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