Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to paint furniture

Yes, I have been bitten by the painting bug lately.  I just told you about how I painted an antique.  Very soon I will be posting about how I painted my kitchen countertops!  But for today, I will be showing you how I painted our entryway furniture.  Here is what we're starting with!
I thought the messiness added to the "before." :)
We use this area for lots of things.  The top 2 baskets belong to Adam and I.  They house the things we need as we are walking out the door.  Obviously some other things got thrown in there as well.  The baskets on the second row belong to Heidi and the bills.  Heidi's basket has her harness, leash, bathing wipes (scented wipes for when she needs to freshen up but not a bath), and grocery bags for when we pick up her poop on walks.  Yes, we are polite neighbors.  The bills' basket has....bills. organized binder where I keep track of our bank and credit card statements.  They are organized by month.  So at least that's organized!  The bottom basket houses newspapers that I have not cut the coupons out of yet.  I hope to start couponing soon!  Anyway, sorry for the "SQUIRREL!" moment.

Once again, I used my favorite primer that requires NO SANDING, NO MATTER WHAT. I love it.
This piece of furniture was difficult to paint because the sides of it have lots of different angles.

Here's what we're working with.

 I also had to paint the top of the underside of the shelves because when you sit on the couch in the living room, you can see that part.  I felt like Michaelangelo.  After 2 coats of primer, it looked like this!
So much brighter!
Then it was time for the top coat.  I used my trusty Rustoleum Painter's Touch paint that I also used on my antique table.  I used 1 coat on the whole piece and about 3 coats on the very top just so it would be nice and wipeable.
After letting the furniture dry completely in the garage for several days....ok, a week because I got was finally time to bring it inside!  I cleaned out all of the baskets and put back in what we actually needed when we headed out the door.  Are you ready for this?

I love it!!!  It really brightens up the entry area, and it looks so beachy with the natural wood and white two tone look!

Details!  The picture was made on our honeymoon at dinner.  The basket is for putting our keys as we come in the door.  And the shell is not sentimental.  Just adds to the beachy look!
I think this has been my favorite project so far.  I really didn't like this piece of furniture before and was thinking about replacing it.  But a coat of paint was all it needed!  I love it!  Before and After?
What do you think?  Is there anything you are jumping to slap some paint on?

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