Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saving Moolah: Target Style

Today I went shopping at one of my favorite clothing stores....Target!  I think they have the cutest clothes, but they are usually overpriced.  So I skipped all those neat and organized racks and headed straight to the clearance section.  If you are not friends with the clearance section, you should be.  Clearance and I go way back.  Here are some great deals I got today!

This olive wrap skirt was originally $14.99.  I paid $3.74.

These bermuda shorts (described as mid waist and straight hip) were originally $19.99.  I paid $9.98.

This really cute cardigan was originally $24.99.  I paid $6.24.

These tank tops are really comfy and stretchy.  They'll go nicely underneath cardigans.  They were originally $9.00 each.  I paid....$2.25 each.

This white shirt with orange stripes would look great under a royal or navy blue cardigan (or even a gray one).  It was originally $12.99, but I paid $3.24.
 If you are keeping score, you figured out that if I had paid full price for all of this, my subtotal would have been $90.96. I would never pay that much.  Ever. But since I bought these items on clearance, I only paid........ $27.70.  That's an awesome deal! For you brainiacs out there, that's a 70% savings overall. What kind of clothing deals have you found lately?  Do you like to shop clearance?

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