Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cleaning Up My Act- Fridge Style

If you were fortunate enough to be off work for Marthin Luther King, Jr. Day then I hope you enjoyed it!  For those of you that had to work, I'm sorry. :(  But I hope your day at work was productive! :)

On my day off, I caught up on a few household things that needed to be taken care of.  One of the things that needed to be done was to get the fridge cleaned out.  If you remember in my New Year's Resolution post found HERE, I said that I have wanted to cook supper at least 5 nights out of the week.  I have found a meal plan, which I will be writing about soon, that I believe will help keep me on track and save us lots of money!  But before I go grocery shopping and get us all stocked up, I had to face my fridge.  This guy has been neglected since we have been eating out.  He was in bad shape.  Here are some befores.

Looks pretty packed huh?  I bet we could get a lot of meals out of that....not.  I cleaned out all of the items that were out of date.  That turned out to be.....about 75% of our food.  Here it is with all the bad food tossed out!

Yep, it was a lot.  Next, I emptied everything else out onto the counters so I could give the inside of the fridge a REALLY good scrub down.

:::::Angels singing::::::

So much better!  Finally, I loaded everything back in, but this time I came up with a little bit of organization.  Not that there was much to organize. :)  Here is the after!

Not much left!  That jar on the top is an old spaghetti jar.  I save sauces that we don't use from fast food places, so I put them in there.  Adam doesn't understand it, but he will thank me when we come home from Taco Bell, and they left out the mild sauce!

This is what's in the top drawer.  Deli meat and cheese.

Nothing in the bottom drawers!  That's where the fresh produce should be...

Now for the door of the fridge.

Butter.  We don't use margarine.  I don't like the taste of it, and I don't want clogged arteries.  Butter in moderation. :)

Right below the butter is dressing and sandwich condiments.  Can you tell how many times we have attempted to eat salad?

Milk.  We like it skim. 

These are marinades and sauces.

Jams and Apple Butter.  Our staples. :)

I'm so glad that project is finished!  Now we can head to the store and stock up on food that we will actually eat!  Be sure to check back, and I will show you our fridge full of food and neatly organized to make meal time more efficient.  Thanks for reading!

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