Thursday, August 16, 2012

God Provides

Money is super tight right now around the Hare house.  I will go into more detail about that in another post.  Anyway, I am working with a very small grocery budget.  This past week, we didn't have enough money to buy any fresh fruits or vegetables besides bananas.  We had to get the basics like bread, milk, lunch meat, just the staples for day to day living and for packing Adam's lunches for work.  This past Monday morning, I was trying to decide what to fix for supper that night.  I checked the freezer and saw that we didn't even have any frozen veggies or fruits for me to fix.  I began praying to God.  I told Him that I understood that we were going to have to make sacrifices when cutting back on spending, and I am ok with that. But I asked Him if He would reveal to me a way to be able to afford healthy food for our family.

That afternoon, my nannie called me and told me that she was going to drop off some leftovers she had that she wouldn't be able to finish by herself.  Included in the leftovers was a big helping of fresh cherries.  I saved those to serve with our supper that night.  Wow, I thought.  Thank you, God!

The next day, I woke up to a text from my next door neighbor.  She told me that she had left me some okra from her garden on my front porch.  I went out on my porch to find a bucket FULL of fresh okra.  I was so thankful....and a little surprised.  I wondered if this was God answering my prayer.

That night, we had some family over to play cards (Polish Uno, of course).  My mom brought us some fresh peaches and a ton of sliced watermelon.  I really couldn't believe it.  I started thinking back to my prayer just 36 hours prior.  God had answered my prayer.  He used His people to provide for my family's needs.  Looking back, my next door neighbor also gave us a sack of tomatoes from her garden just last week.

My nannie, neighbor, and mom did not know that I had prayed that prayer.  I actually didn't even tell my husband that I had prayed that prayer.  That's what makes everything so amazing.  Our family and neighbor didn't even know that we had a need for some fresh food.  But God used them in our life in a big way, without them even knowing.

This was such a huge reinforcement to my faith in how God provides.  He provided for us in such a practical way, just when we needed it.  I still can't believe it.  I know that He is a loving God and that He is our provider, but I am humbled that He would answer me in such a real way.  I am so, so thankful.  God is FOR REAL, and HE LOVES US!  What an incredible God we serve!    

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