Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Once Upon a Baby...

I am just now getting around to posting baby shower pictures!  Some wonderful ladies from my church threw me a baby shower the day before I turned 35 weeks pregnant.  It was such a cute shower!  I couldn't believe all of the cute decorations they had come up with.  They are very creative ladies.  The decor was vintage inspired, and the theme was books!  A lot of people included a children's book with their gift, and now we have quite the library for our little guy!  I can't wait for Adam to read to him every night.  That was something my dad always did with me, and it was our thing each night.  I always looked forward to it.  I can't wait for Adam to have that with our son.  Here are some pictures....along with the revealing of his name!
The banner hanging in the background is now above baby's crib.  They had a rocking chair (to the left) for me to sit in while I opened gifts.  It was so comfortable!

Food table


The cupcake toppers were book covers that Summer printed off of her computer.  They were stuck in the top of the cupcakes with toothpicks.  SO cute!

Yes, look at that belly.  At only 35 weeks.  Oh my geez.  The pin I am wearing was made by my friend Susie who helped throw the shower.  It is made out of fabric and matched my outfit!  So cute!

One of the games we played.  You had to come up with the name of the children's book it was describing.  This was so much fun!
This was a cute game.  A spool of string and a pair of scissors were passed around.  Everyone had to cut the string to the length that they thought would fit around my belly.  Whoever got the closest won a prize.

From left to right: Summer, me, my mom, and Susie.  Not pictured: Kimberly!  These ladies did such a wonderful job.  We really enjoyed it!

The scale held blocks with our son's name.....................August Hare!
We chose the name August because we were drawn to "A" names.  We also really like original names.  August is the month we found out we were expecting, so it kind of makes sense too. :)  His full name is August Mitchell Hare.  Mitchell is Adam's middle name, so we are going to pass that down.  We can't wait to meet August tomorrow (if not sooner)!

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