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5 Weeks Pregnant 8.26.11

*The content of this post is from Friday, August 26, 2011.

Today the baby is 5 weeks old!  (Well, not technically, but by doctor's know what I mean.)  Yay!  We are currently staying with my mom and dad.  Adam painted our countertops, and I cannot be around the fumes.  The fumes are AWFUL.  So we are here for a few days until we can head back home.  We enjoy being here. It's nice to spend some time with my parents. 

Speaking of parents, we are our get together on Sunday and broke the news.  We grilled out and had hot dogs and all of the fixins.  As we sat down to eat, Adam blessed the food.  At the end of the prayer, he said something like this, ".....and Lord, thank you for this new addition to our family, and please be with him/her and keep him/her healthy and just bless our family.  Amen."  As we looked up from the prayer, I scanned the table for reactions.  My eyes went to Adam first.  I'm not sure why.  But as I started to look away, I heard my mom say, "What?  Are you serious?"  Not in a bad tone, but a happy, 'I knew it' kind of tone.  I knew she knew!  She said she figured.  Nothing gets past my mom.  My dad had the quietest reaction of all.  He was processing I guess.  He obviously doesn't have the mommy intuition powers of my mom.  Adam's parents were surprised and excited, I though.  Until Adam's mom said, "It crossed my mind."  Man.  We can't surprise anyone....except silent Dad.  Haha.  He's excited though I'm sure.  Just surprised.  So the rest of the dinner involved us talking about names, nursery, the future, and just dreaming.  It was fun.  We also played Uno.  I played up the "have mercy on me, I'm pregnant" view.  It didn't work.  Oh well.  Being pregnant has got to count for something.  Oh yeah, I didn't have to paint the countertops. :)

Symptoms this week have been on and off.  Cramps here and there, odd tummy twinges, gags every once and a while (no throwing up), and fatigue.  I get tired after standing a while, and by 8 or 9, I'm ready for bed.  I'm awake now because I have reached my second wind.  Not good because the second wind can blow all night.  I have other symptoms as well, but it's not really appropriate to talk about.  You can google it.  They're typical symptoms.  My biggest problem of the week is this mouthful of vitamins.
They aren't huge, but still make me gag.
The vitamins are 1 Target brand prenatal (doctor approved), 2 MegaRed Krill oil caplsules (doctor approved, for DHA), and 1 Prometrium capsule.  The Prometrium is because my doctor would like for my progesterone level to be higher. 

Target Brand prenatal and MegaRed Krill oil (for DHA).  Prometrium not pictured.

I know I could get the prenatal all in one with the DHA and everything, but honestly these are the smallest individual vitamins I could find.  I hate taking this many, but I think it may be easier to do that than to choke down 1 huge pill.  If you know of some smaller prenatal, do tell!  I like Target's brand though.  Only $4.99 for a bottle!  The krill oil is a lot more expensive, but it is the smallest fish/krill capsules on the market as far as I know.

 And now for the nugget's weekly photo!
Baby at 5 weeks!  He/She is looking like a tadpole, and measuring to be the size of a sesamee seed.  All of the layers are forming to what will be the skin, the neural tube, and the cardiovascular system.  Such an important time!

Yay!  So exciting.  I really can't wait until 6 weeks.  I know it's still early at 6 weeks, but it seems A LOT less early than 4 and 5 weeks.  At this point we have only told our parents, my Aunt Becky and Uncle David, Sarah and Anna (cousins), and our family pastor at church.  Oh, well Adam has told everyone at work.  He has no patience.  He doesn't understand why we can't just tell everyone.  I guess we could.  It just seems like everyone waits a while.  I guess I'm afraid if we tell people now, they will see me as "less pregnant."  That's silly because you either are or you aren't.  But I guess in my mind there are degrees of more and less.  Anyway, my husband is ready for bed, so off we go.  Thanks for reading!

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