Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nursery Tour

I am finally getting around to posting pictures of the nursery!  I finished it (for the most part) last week over spring break, but I have been busy every night since then.  I would have been busy with church tonight, but my feet and legs are so swollen that I can barely walk.  It feels like my feet might explode when I walk on them.  It's pretty nasty.  They have been swollen off and on for the past few weeks, but they have been really bad for the past 24 hours.  Not sure what's up with that.  I called my doctor's office, and they told me to keep my feet up and drink water.  So, here I sit.  But at least you get to see pictures of the nursery now, right? :)

When I first started planning the nursery, I knew I wanted to do a vintage theme.  I found lots of cute ideas on Pinterest, and started collecting bits and pieces that I wanted to incorporate.  The nursery never really came together until I found some artwork that I LOVED.  It turned the room into a "vintage beach" kind of feel, and I love love love it!  It's so relaxing in there, and I find myself just sitting in there and reading or daydreaming of life with our little baby.  I'm so excited to share it with you!

The lighting in these pictures is not completely accurate.  The walls are actually a gray color, but I took these pictures with my cell phone and adjusted the settings so you would be able to see everything since the light coming in from the window was so bright.  So if you are liking this paint color and want to know what it is, it's actually not this color at all. :)  It's a light gray.  Alright, here we go!

This is the view from the hallway.  All of our bedrooms come off of one hallway.

My nannie purchased this glider rocker and foot stool for us.  It is the only new piece of furniture we have for the whole room.  It is AMAZING.  Seriously, best seat in the whole house.  We love it.  I'm sure I will spend lots of hours here nursing.  The table holds an old style clock from when I was little, and a book I will probably enjoy while nursing.  It's the "What to Expect the First Year" book (from the What to Expect When Expecting people).  It was a gift from Adam after we found out we were expecting. :)  The quilt was made by a dear friend (Susie!).  It has gray fabric with vintage looking flags on this side and a patchwork of different vintage looking fabrics on the other side.  I love it!!!  It will be a great background for all of the cute baby pictures. :)
This is the art that is hanging above the rocker.  My mom got it for us at Homegoods.  I believe it was about $24.99.  She got it recently, so they still have them if you are interested.  They also have one that says "peace."  It would be cute for a Christmas decoration if nothing else.

This is the dresser that we repainted, found HERE.  We also changed out the hardware.  It was my childhood dresser.  The basket came from a local shop in town, and I spray painted it oil rubbed bronze.  It was blue.  The changing pad and neutral cover are from Target. 

The artwork (which I am in LOVE with) is from Homegoods. It really set the tone for the whole nursery. If you can find some artwork that you really like, it is really easy to base the rest of the room around it. Once I found these pictures, I finished everything else within a week or so.

The wire basket holds diaper supplies.  I have pictured this from the beginning.  This basket actually has a memory to it because I was with my mother in law when I got it.  It was one of the last things we did together.  I drove her in my car for the first time that night.....and accidentally ran 2 red lights.  She never knew I was such a rebel. :) I was very newly pregnant then (I had known for 1 day), and I hadn't told anyone besides Adam yet. 

This crib is from one of Adam's cousins (thanks Maggie!).  It was originally a wood tone, and we painted it the same color white as the dresser.  It's a very solid crib.  I bought the crib skirt for $3.00 from a consignment sale when I was only a few weeks pregnant.  It is brown striped, so I knew it would work for a boy or a girl.  The crib sheet was a baby shower gift from our Target registry.  For now I am not using a bumper.  I haven't found any that I like, and they say that bumpers are a smothering hazard.  They really don't need a bumper until they are strong enough to hurt their head on the crib bars.

I got this wooden paddle from the same local shop that I got the wire basket from.  It used to be hanging in our kitchen, but I always knew it would look cute in a nursery.  The banner hanging from it is made out of the same fabric as the quilt on the back of the glider rocker.  It was a decoration also made by Susie that was hanging at my baby shower.  I love all of the different patterns.  The fabric looks very vintage.

These cutsie things will be removed once the baby is in the crib, but for now they just look so cute!  The pillow is from Target, and it was a wedding registry gift a couple years ago.  I recently bought the elephant at Homegoods.  It will be the baby's first stuffed animal. :)  Adam affectionately named him "Olliephant", so we will call him "Ollie" for short. :)

This bookshelf is a work in progress.  We got a TON of children's books at our baby shower.  (It was vintage book themed.)  I LOVE children's books!  Everything else is just little knick-knacks that will eventually have to find a new home when he starts collecting toys and things.  The bottom shelf and the baskets in the floor next to it have baby shower gifts that I haven't put away yet.  To give you some perspective, the door to the hallway is to the left, and the dresser is directly across from the bookshelf.  The crib is to the left of where I am standing.

This little corner will probably evolve as time goes on.  Right now it holds a chair (1 of 2) that came from my parents' house.  I have been meaning to get it recovered, but haven't gotten around to it.  I figured if I was in there nursing or something, it might be nice to have a place for someone to sit in there with me.  Another friend who helped out with the shower (Summer!) gave me a vintage poster that will probably be framed and hung above this chair.  One day this little corner will probably hold a small wooden table with a couple small wooden chairs for little boy to color and build things on.  (It is already in the garage!)  The door leads to his little closet.  I bought the hooks at Homegoods (goodness, are you seeing a trend here?)  I wanted something to hold his diaper bag and any of his little jackets.  The diaper bag was a registry gift from Target (thanks Becky and Pascal!).

This is his packed out closet!  The top shelf holds all of his diapers and wipes. 

I bought this hanging shelf from......Homegoods.  It was only $12.99 which is a lot cheaper than the ones from Walmart that we have hanging in our closet.  I love this thing.  It gives us way more useable storage, and it just takes a second to hang.  (It has a thick velcro strap at the top to hold it onto the wire shelf.)  I filled the shelf with receiving blankets, crib pads, changing pad covers, crib sheets, bath towels, and blankets.  His little bathtub is sitting just to the left of the shelf.  Simba (Lion King, duh) is currently bathing in it.

These are some of his "church" clothes.  They are newborn to 3 months.  All of his other sizes of clothes are in storage tubs in our garage.  His onesies, sleepers, and pajamas are stored in the drawers of the dresser.  Most of his clothes came from my friend Abby who passed them on from her boys.  So she will get most of the credit for his cute attire! :)

This little girl refused to be left out of the tour.  I had to retake just about every picture because she would get in front of the camera.  Heidi is modeling on the new rug we got from Target.  I had been trying so hard to find a striped rug that I liked (that was cheap), and I finally found this one.  It was only $41.00, and it is a 5x7.  Pretty good if you ask me.
I hope you enjoyed the tour!  We are so excited about the nursery, but we are more excited about the little boy who will be in it!  If you have any questions about where I got anything or how we did something, feel free to ask.  Have a wonderful evening! :)


  1. Great blog post, Amanda! You guys did an amazing job with the nursery. It is awesome!!! Love it.

  2. Very cute! I love the vintage look! Great job :)


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