Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thrifty Entry Way Find

This afternoon I had lunch with my mom and grandmother (Nannie).  We ate at Panera Bread.  I usually have something like the Tomato Mozzerella Panini and a Classic Cafe Salad, but my stomach just would not let that happen today.  My sickness has set in (boo!), so I had to eat blandly.  It was still REALLY good though.  I had a 1/2 order of chicken noodle soup and a 1/2 of a chicken salad sandwich.  I enjoyed the company as well as the food.

After Panera, my Nannie and I shopped around at a local furniture store.  They have a really nice glider rocker there that she would like to get for Adam and me for the nursery.  That thing is SOOO comfortable!  I will post a picture on here whenever it comes in.  I could have fallen asleep in it right there in the store.

After that, we headed over to one of my favorite antique shops in town.  It's not one of those "old-timey, we have a million sewing machines that don't work" type places.  They have a lot of unique things in there.  Today I found a real treasure.  I have been wanting to make an entry way in our kitchen where I enter from the garage- a place to hang up my purse, keys, jacket, etc.  Adam comes in through the front door since he parks in the driveway.  (Both cars won't fit in the garage.  He drives a beast.)  So Adam has the painted entryway furniture that you probably remember me writing about.  Go here if you didn't see that post.  So I needed me a little bit of organization for where I come in the door and usually dump everything.  Behold, my thrifty find.

This mirror with hooks was only $17.  What a steal!  It doesn't even need to be painted.  There are plenty of hooks for me to hang all of my things.  I found similar ones online to compare prices.

The entry mirror below is from target.  It is $84.99.  Now on sale for $71.24.
This mirror is from West Elm.  It is extremely simple looking and......$199.00.

This Crate and Barrel 2 (CB2) mirror without hooks is $179.00
I'm quite happy with my steal!  It pays to shop around locally.  You can get some really great deals if you're willing to look around.  I'll be sure to update you as I fix up my little entry way.  Thanks for reading!

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