Sunday, November 27, 2011

16 and 17 weeks Pregnant

Well....I will be 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow, maybe I should do an update?  Haha.  I have been SO busy lately.  The last couple weeks before Thanksgiving break were very busy at school.  Then we of course had our gender reveal during week 16!  I am still overjoyed about our little boy!!!  Yay!!!  We have been getting the house ready over Thanksgiving break.  Not really nursery stuff, but we are rearranging a few rooms in preparation for the nursery stuff.   We have a very small office and a very small guest bedroom.  The office is going to be the nursery, and the guest room is going to stay a guest room but also serve as an office, craft room, workout room, and will have enough room for the baby to play.  Haha, we are asking a lot from such a tiny room.  But we are determined to make it work!  As my husband said, the guest room may not win any design awards, but it will be functional!  I will keep y'all updated with that.  

Over the past few weeks, our little boy has started moving a lot more!  I feel him every day, at least once every couple hours.  Usually a lot more than that.  I even had a moment a couple days ago when I was sitting on the couch looking at something on the computer, and I saw my stomach twitch out of the corner of my eye!  I was so excited!  I hope Adam gets to feel him soon.  It's so exciting to feel him! 

I won't make you read paragraphs from the Baby Center this week, but I did take a few pictures here and there that I'll share with you.

This picture was made at 16 weeks.  The baby was the size of an avocado!

I would NEVER normally order this.  I don't like country steak, but my pregnant self does.  She is weird.  Yum Cracker Barrel!  Adam made me order the green beans.  Blah.  He said the baby needed some nourishment.  Isn't that what vitamins are for?  J/k, sort of.

Ok, I know I need to lay off the pizza.  BUT, this is thin crust veggie!  I finally followed doctor's orders....not that I haven't been all along! :)

This photo was taken at 16 weeks 4 days pregnant.  This is the day we found out we are expecting a SON!

17 weeks pregnant in this picture.  I am starting to round out at the top!
A few weeks back, I found some jeans in my closet that I can still wear with the Be band.  So I have been sporting those as often as I can!  They are getting uncomfortable though.  My maternity pants are comfortable, they are just still a bit big.  They are baggy in awkward places.  My stomach can no longer be sucked in, at all.  It's just out for the world to see!  Which of course is fine.  But it is a little bit difficult adjusting to my growing body.  Sleeping is the main issue.  I have always been a stomach sleeper.  Every night, I make an effort to go to sleep on my side.  But it never fails. I always wake up on my stomach, which means I am crushing my bladder....which means I have to get up about 4 times a night.  Not fun.  So I found some extra pillows in the house that weren't being used, and I am going to try to fix up a make shift pregnancy pillow tonight.  We'll see if that helps til I can get the real thing.  

I have a doctor's appointment this week.  Just my regular 4 week check-up.  I wish I knew what day the appointment was...but I lost the appointment card.  Hopefully they will give me a call soon and let me know what day it is!  I hope it isn't tomorrow.  We are supposed to be getting a lot of rain the next day or two.  I don't like driving in rain.  I had a wreck on the interstate once due to rain that involved me and the retaining wall.  Not fun.  

Well, hopefully I will do a better job at keeping up with the updates.  I know the next few weeks will be crazy at school, trying to fit everything in before Christmas break!  But I will do my very best!  Have a great week!  

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