Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!

TOMORROW WE FIND OUT THE GENDER OF OUR FIRST BABY!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh my goodness.  I'm so excited!!!  I don't know how I'll sleep tonight.  I can't wait!!!!!  I still think it's a boy, but I'm starting to picture having a girl.  I guess just to prepare myself either way.  We do not have a preference one way or the other; we will be thrilled with either of course. 
So......our plans for the gender reveal party have of, like 5 minutes ago.  As you all know, Adam and I have wanted to have a gender reveal party.  I explained what that was back in one of my previous posts if you aren't sure what that is.  Well, our ultrasound was originally supposed to be tomorrow at 9 a.m.  However, the ultrasound tech's daughter is recovering from surgery, so the tech isn't going to come into the office until 12:30.  So the earliest we will be out of the doctor's office is some time between 1 and 2.  The gender reveal party is at 6:30, so we were thinking that wouldn't be enough time for someone to be able to make us a cake.  So Adam and I were just going to find out the sex at the ultrasound, and then I would come home and make a cake for the grandparents to cut into and reveal to everyone. 

Got it?

But....Adam REALLY wants us to find out with everyone else.  He wants us to be able to do the gender reveal thing.  SO.  I am hastilly (spell check???) trying to find someone (who we do not know) who can make the cake between 1:30 and 6:00 tomorrow.  If I don't find someone, then I am going to let the tech choose the cake color codes.  For example, if it's a boy, the tech can write down chocolate = boy and white = girl or vice versa.  She will keep the color code in a sealed envelope.  So we won't find out the sex at the appointment.  The only thing she will tell us is what color I should make the inside of the cake.  We won't know what that color means.  Then.....just before Adam and I cut the cake, we will pass around the note that has the color codes on it and let everyone read it (except for us).  When Adam and I cut into the cake, we will reveal the cake color and everyone will announce to us whether it's a boy or girl.  Adam came up with this.  Pretty clever, huh? 

Hopefully you aren't confused. 

Here are some cute ideas I found that I hope to use at the party tomorrow night!

Let guests vote on what they think the gender is.

Make a list of my cravings and other fun facts for decoration.

I like the pink and blue colors used in this at the top.  Not typical pink and blue.  This pink is more of a peachy pink.  I like it.

I will be sure to do a post on Friday if not tomorrow night!!!!!  Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am SOOOO excited to hear the gender!!!! Love Adam's idea for the gender reveal party...sounds like that's a great alternative if you can't find someone to make the cake for you!! Can't wait to hear, love you girl!!! Xoxo


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