Monday, November 28, 2011

Nursery Inspiration

Lately I have been browsing Pinterest for some nursery inspiration.  I have found a few cute ideas that I may try to incorporate for our nursery.  I will probably pull bits and pieces from all of my favorite pictures.  I definitely like the nautical look.  Not literally nautical with sailboats and water, but more like stripes, navy, red, wood, etc.  I also like vintage.  I love old toys, wire baskets, and things with character.  I guess that makes my nursery style "Vintage Nautical" haha. Here is what I have found so far!

I have a Coca Cola crate that I bought last year at a yard sale.  I have just been trying to figure out what to do with it.  I'll definitely be doing this!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

I like the use of wood and the navy stripes.  Very cute.

I love the neutral colors.  This nursery looks very relaxing.

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

I know this is a girl's nursery, but I really like the color of the crib.  Grayish blue.  Cute.  I will either keep the crib white or do a color like this.

I like the vintage look of this with the wire basket.  Not sure that I'll hang wire baskets on the wall, but I have already bought one to at least keep diapers, wipes, and stuff on the dresser.

I love this.  What a great verse for a boy's room.  Such a great reminder of how a man of God should be.

So these inspiration pictures will hopefully help me get in the right direction!  I am excited to start working on it!  I have already been browsing craigslist and some other sites for a study and sound but inexpensive dresser that I won't mind making my own.  I will be using a dresser in place of a changing table.  It makes more sense in the long run, plus I think it will be a better use of space.  I will keep you updated with our progress!

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