Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

Today I am wishing the love of my life a Happy Veterans Day!  I am so proud that Adam was a part of the United States Marines.  He served for 6 years, completing 2 tours of duty in Iraq.  I didn't know him during his first deployment, but we began dating about 8 months before his second deployment.  It was a really hard time while he was gone, but it made me realize how much I loved him and how dedicated I was to him.  We wrote each other every day.  We both kept all of the letters, and I hope to put them in to/from chronological order so we can go back and read them like a book.  I love you Adam!  I'm so proud of you sweetie!  Semper Fi!

Marine Corp Ball 2007

Always, always a gentleman.

Headed to his best friend's wedding!

Adam's  mom, dad, and grandfather.

The closest I have ever been to an M-16.

Good friends.

Adam's mom took this picture.  I've always thought it looks like it should be in a history book.

Writing letters to my sweetie!

I got Heidi while he was gone!

For my 21st birthday, I received a stack of letters from him....

......and flowers!!!
Heidi enjoyed reading the letters from the daddy she had yet to meet. :)

Passing the time.

                                                         Happy Veterans Day!

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