Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gender Reveal- Part Two!!!

If you haven't read Part One of our Gender Reveal Party...go HERE!  My husband and I did a different version of the gender reveal party.  Instead of taking the gender results in an envelope to a bakery and letting them make the appropriate cake, we did a slightly different version that allowed us to pick up a premade cake the day of the reveal.  This is a great option if you decide last minute that you would like to have a gender reveal party, which is kind of what happened to us.  Go HERE if you would like to hear that spill. 

After we went to the ultrasound, Adam had to go back to work, so I went to Michael's Craft Store to pick up a few things to make some decorations for the party.  The first thing I got was some ribbon.  I wanted a spool or two of pink ribbon as well as blue ribbon so I could make pins for everyone to wear to show what "team" they were on. 

Soooo sparkly!!!!!  This ribbon was about $3.00 for 5 yards.  Not the best or worst deal ever, but I couldn't deny the sparkles!  I bought 2 of each color since I wasn't sure how much ribbon it would take to make one pin. 

I got to work.  All you need to make these is a hot glue gun with glue sticks, ribbon, and pins to pin them on the shirt.  I'm sure you could just use super glue or fabric glue if you don't have a hot glue gun.  First, I did a 
test ribbon to see how long I needed to cut each piece.  Once I found a length I liked, I cut the rest of the strips that same length.  I managed to get about 15 ribbons per spool.

I twisted them, sparkle side out, just like a breast cancer ribbon. I secured them with one small drop of hot glue. I didn't glue the pins to the ribbon.


Ohhhhh sparkles......

After I finished the ribbons, I wanted to make a few table decorations.  I saw a cute idea on pinterest, so I decided to give it a try.  I did my own version.  Go HERE if you would like to see my inspiration. 

This is a cute little table decoration where you can list fun facts about pregnancy with a boy/girl, cravings, suspicious, old wives tales, etc.  I chose to list cravings and let Adam do a version of his own.  It turned out really funny.  I also got the supplies for this project at Michael's.  You will need place card holders, double sided scrap book paper, a bowl (or something else you can trace to make a circle), and a marker.  I went to the wedding aisle to find some place card holders.  They ranged anywhere from $19.99 to $24.99. thank you.  So I decided to skip the place card holders and walk around the store until I came up with a better idea.  I moved on to the scrap book paper.  I wanted a cute boy pattern and a cute girl pattern.  I instantly found a boy pattern that I liked. 

Back side

close up of back side

Front side
Close up of front side
The girl pattern was more difficult to find.  There wasn't one I was just crazy about.  (Was that a sign??)  Haha.  I had to choose one that had a fairly pale design and wasn't too busy so my words could clearly be read.  I finally chose this one.
front side

back side- it has a linen design, but that's hard to see.
After I found the paper, I still had to find something to hold the paper up for the table top decoration.  I kept browsing the store, until I came upon the Christmas section.  I hoped there might be something in there I could use.  SCORE!  I found several packages of 2 place card holders for........$0.99 each!  Each package had a white snowflake and a red star.  Christmasy...but I could still use it.  I figured we are close enough to Christmas for a snowflake, and the red star by itself didn't really look Christmasy.  I liked it.  Not sure about how many table top decorations I would make, I bought 3 packages (6 placecard holders).  I ended up using 2 of the packages.

I used a bowl to trace to cut out 2 large circles from each piece of scrap book paper.

   I did the same thing with the pink paper, and then I cut them out.

Next, I wrote my corresponding cravings for each gender.  If the craving or symptom typically meant I was to have a boy, I wrote it on the boy one.  Vice versa for girl.  We had separate boy and girl tables at the party.  Here is how they turned out!  Adam's decorations crack me up.

All of the other decorations are from my mom.  She did a really great job with the party!  My mom also has a white plate on a stand.  We used a pink and blue expo marker to keep track of the votes.  After each person voted, they got a pink or blue ribbon according to how they voted.  So much fun!

Some family members who couldn't make it voted by phone.'s a picture of the losing team!

And the winning team!!!!  Go Team Boy!!! :)

Our friends and family would have been happy with the outcome either way.  It's fun to see who guessed what though.  My friend Samantha was also able to come.  She is very much pregnant with her little girl and looks so cute!!   She will be due in January; I can't wait!  And yes, our kids will one day be married.  Maybe. :)

I'm so happy that we are pregnant together.  It's great to have a close friend going through the same thing!  We are both SO excited!!!

We had such a fun gender reveal party.  I'm so glad we got to share it with our friends and family.  I can't wait to start getting the nursery ready and buying cute little clothes!  I will be sure to post our progress of the nursery.  Right now it is being used as an office, so it has a long way to go!  Check back in to see the progress!


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