Sunday, December 4, 2011

18 weeks pregnant 11.28.11

Time for my 18 week post since I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow!  Can you believe it?  Time is flying by!  I can't believe I will be at the halfway point next week.  I always thought 9 months was a long time, but it flies by so quickly. 

This week I can definitely say I feel 100% pregnant all the time.  I now have a pregnant belly that doesn't go away when I wake up.  It used to start out small in the morning and get bigger as the day goes on.  It probably still does that a little bit, but now when I wake up, I am shocked when I look in the mirror and see that it's still there...and huge!  I have also noticed that my belly button has gotten more shallow.  I have always had a deep belly button (which in my opinion, is kind of gross), but now it is very shallow.  I am thinking it will end up popping!  That just shows how much it is growing! 

The first few days of 18 weeks, I didn't feel the baby much which worried me.  I kept meaning to check him with the dopplar, but I stayed so busy.  Then, starting Friday, he started moving a lot more.  One thing I did notice, he responded to the intercom at school!  I was tutoring a student after school when an announcement was made, and he started squirming in response.  It was really cool.  By Saturday, he was moving like crazy!  Saturday night I felt him for 2-3 hours straight.  Non-stop movement.  I could not believe how much he was moving!  He has continued to move a good amount today as well.  I LOVE feeling him move.  I can't wait for the movements to get big enough to where Adam can feel them.   He still hasn't felt them yet.  Last night, I woke up because I had my hand on my belly and I felt him with it.  It actually woke me up!  I kept trying to figure out if it was a dream or not, but I don't think it was since I woke up all of a sudden. 

I have started thinking about the birth more and more lately.  I am wondering if I should switch over to a midwife.  A midwife kind of goes along more with a natural birth, which is what I would like to do.  Yes, I realize I don't know what kind of pain I'm talking about, yes I realize it will be the worst pain I've ever felt, and yes, I realize I may end up changing my mind when I'm actually going through it.  But I really would like to try it.  If I don't have to have any interventions, then I won't really have a recovery time or anything like that.  I will be able to get up during and after labor without restriction too.  I would really just like to experience it.  A midwife would be great because she will stay with me the whole time.  From what I have heard, you see very little of your doctor.  They just come in to check you, deliver the baby, and that's about it.  If I am going to do a natural birth, I feel like I am going to need some moral support from someone who understands what is going on, and someone who can constantly monitor me to let me know how I'm doing.  So we will see.  If you have any suggestions of a good midwife, please leave your suggestion in the comments section.  I haven't really looked into it that much, so I don't know much about the midwives in the area.

Well, here is my picture taken at 18 weeks! 

Starting to look pretty pregnant!  I feel HUGE!  I just really can't believe I will be getting bigger. 

Here is what my body was up to over the past week:
Hungry? An increase in appetite is pretty common about now. Make it count by choosing meals and snacks that are rich in nutrients instead of empty calories (chips, French fries, candy, and other sweets). Bigger, more comfortable clothes are a must now as your appetite and waistline grow.

Your cardiovascular system is undergoing dramatic changes, and during this trimester your blood pressure will probably be lower than usual. Don't spring up too fast from a lying or sitting position or you might feel a little dizzy. From now on, when you do lie down, it's best to lie on your side — or at least partly tilted to one side. (When you lie flat on your back, your uterus can compress a major vein, leading to decreased blood return to your heart.) Try placing a pillow behind you or under your hip or upper leg for comfort.  If you haven't already had a second-trimester ultrasound, you'll probably have one soon. This painless procedure helps your practitioner check how your baby's growing, screen for certain birth defects, check the placenta and umbilical cord, determine whether the due date you're working with is accurate, and see how many babies you're carrying. During the exam, you might see your baby moving around or sucking his thumb. Bring your partner along, and be sure to ask for a printout for your baby's first photo album!

Cheese pizza has nutrients...right?  I only had it....twice...this past week.

Some frozen brand that was only $2.99 for a large at Walgreen's.  Still good!

Here is what is going on with our baby boy while he eats all this pizza!

Head to rump, your baby is about 5 1/2 inches long (about the length of a bell pepper) and he weighs almost 7 ounces. He's busy flexing his arms and legs — movements that you'll start noticing more and more in the weeks ahead. His blood vessels are visible through his thin skin, and his ears are now in their final position, although they're still standing out from his head a bit. A protective covering of myelin is beginning to form around his nerves, a process that will continue for a year after he's born. If you're having a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place. If you're having a boy, his genitals are noticeable now, but he may hide them from you during an ultrasound.

 I just wanted to give y'all a quick thank you for all of the encouragement I have received lately about the blog!  I am so glad that you enjoy reading it.  I really enjoying writing it.  Don't forget to leave your comments and let me know your experience with a midwife if you have had one.  If you had a doctor, please feel free to share your experience with a doctor.  Let me know what you liked, what you didn't, and anything else.  Happy 19 weeks to our baby boy tomorrow!  I hope y'all have a great week!


  1. Hi Amanda! Just found your blog and wanted to recommend you looking into a midwife for sure! My mom worked for Obstetrics in Ob&Gyn in Dalton for a long time and we've had a great relationship with the nurse/midwives there. (They delivered both my little cousins via natural birth) I would definitely recommend Jo Ellen Wingate. Absolutely excellent. So happy for you and all the ways you're being blessed. Happiest of holidays!
    maria (arreguin)

  2. Of course, I would highly recommend a homebirth ;) and Carolyn Drake would be my TOP pick. She was incredible. You are right about dr's. They are quick and time conscious. They want to make sure they make it home for dinner and don't miss out on next week's vacation (inductions). Midwives genuinely care about you (not that some dr's don't) and they spend quality time with you. I never waited for a prenatal visit. I walked in at the scheduled time and was met by my midwife. We spent a minimum of an hr together for each visit. She was a friend to me. I grew to love her. I could call her day or night with questions. For the birth, she was there as soon as I wanted and she didn't leave my side once. She stayed right there monitoring me and making sure I was comfortable and relaxed. She was back the next day to check on us. She called while she was gone and one week later she was back to check on us. Phenomenal experience with both boys at home, but especially with a midwife. You form a friendship with a midwife. I would HIGHLY encourage you to find one and to also find a doula if you are interested in doing a natural birth :D Good luck!

  3. I think a midwife is a great fit for your birth plan. I couldn't use one (due to high blood pressure). In labor, my doctor said to me, "Well, I hate to leave, but I have patients coming in for appointments..." The last thing you want is to feel like you are inconveniencing the doctor (who is getting paid very well I might add!)

    I have 2 friends who recommend Abby Glass. They loved her and she kept a low number of clients so that she could devote time to each of them. (I don't know her personally, but I did talk to her when I inquired about using a midwife).

  4. Amanda! Of course I agree with Abby. Although I have yet to go through with the labor...Carolyn Drake is amazing. If you don't want to have a home birth, you have the option to have a birth at her home. It is really close to the hospital. The home is so natural and loving, the women there are amazing. Even if you don't want to see Carolyn, there are plenty of wonderful midwives out there who are really great. Just do some research and figure out what kind of birth experience you want. I am so excited for you!! So happy to hear how much your feeling your sweet baby boy move!!

  5. Thank you everyone for your responses! Unfortunately insurance will not cover a home birth, and Adam and I just can't afford to pay for it out of pocket. What do y'all think about having a midwife who delivers in the hospital? I realize it won't be the same atmosphere as a home birth, but I am hoping the care will be the same. Also, Abby- what would be the difference between having a midwife or having a regular OB with a doula? I know doulas don't actually deliver the baby, right? What would a doula's role be and would that work with an OB? Thanks girls!


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