Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Decor Inspiration

This morning our church ladies had a brunch at my parents' house.  It was such an enjoyable time together getting to sit and talk and share what the Lord is doing in our church.  It is so nice to have a group of ladies I can talk to and lean on who will always point me in the direction of Christ.  It was a fun and relaxing, but was also definitely an emotional day. 

I got up this morning to make the the Hawaiian Sweet Roll Ham Sandwiches that I made for Thanksgiving (found HERE).  After I chopped the onion (and tears streamed down my face from all of the stinging), I went to slice the bread.  Well, the bread crumbled and fell apart.  All of it.  It was dry.  I had to make 48 of these sandwiches.  I also wanted to get to my parents' house early to help my mom set things up.  I started bawling my eyes out. (Oh, pregnancy.) My mom called (good timing) and told me that my dad would run out to the store to get to get fresh rolls.  I finished up the sauce at my house and got everything else ready to take over there.  My sweet husband cleaned up the kitchen and was very helpful.  Then I had breakdown #2.  I went to find something to wear.  I haven't been liking my maternity pants.  They are comfortable in the waist, but the crotch is very baggy.  I'm just saying.  It is.  I could hang out with Puff Daddy....or P Diddy.....or Puffy Doughnut...whatever his name is.  My jeans that I can wear with the Be Band are getting tighter and tighter by the day.  If they are freshly washed, it's almost a lost cause squeezing into them.  So I cried about that.  A lot.  When I finally put something on, my sweet husband was very complimentary.  Bless his heart.  He is so encouraging and helpful.  I love him so much.  So I eventually made it over to help my mom out.  I walked in the door and started crying again.  I have figured out that once "pregnant me" starts crying, she doesn't stop.  Then of course our ladies had such a sweet sharing time, and it was all I could do to fight back the tears.  I started cleaning up plates and glasses to distract myself.  I wasn't going through this crying thing again!  But as soon as everyone left, the tears came again.  Then they came again when I got home because I was so tired.  Oh pregnancy.  You are so exhausting.  Women should just be locked up for 9 months.  We should.  

So anyway, I wasn't planning on going into all that, but I guess it was on the brain!  Anyway, enough pregnancy woes.  Let's talk about some fun stuff!  My mom and her friends did an AMAZING job decorating the house for the brunch!!!  The whole house was gorgeous!  So when I needed to chill out, I snapped some pictures.  I think these are great inspiration for me to finally get our house decorated!  So get yourself all cozy, grab a cup of peppermint hot chocolate and feast your eyes on their beautiful work.  I hope you enjoy!

Front Porch

This garland was free, compliments of the juniper that lines the driveway.  They just cut long strips of the juniper and pieced it together.  I love free decor made with what you have in the yard!

Speaking of free. The evergreen used in this lamp post decoration was free! If you go to Home Depot and ask for their Christmas tree clippings, they will give them to you for FREE! DIY FREE fresh decor! That may be the best deal I've heard yet!

Front Entrance

My mom has had her eye on this table for a while.  She just got it this week.  It is gorgeous!!  I absolutely love it.

Fresh, free greenery compliments of Home Depot!

Another tip: Buy some inexpensive Christmas ribbon (Michael's had their ribbon on sale a couple weeks ago), and then take it to your local Ace Hardware, and they will turn your ribbon into gorgeous bows!  Just make sure it's an Ace with a Christmas shop.  This bow was made at Ace Hardware.  Want to do it yourself and save even more?  Watch Katie Bower's video on how to make a big fluffy bow! 

Formal Living Room (aka Piano Room)

Casual Living Room (aka Den)

What a GORGEOUS tree!  My mom's friend Paula did a wonderful job!

I love the sign in the tree.  I wouldn't have thought to do that.

Simple and cute decor: ornaments in a bowl

These large glass candle holders are great to have.  You can fill the base with anything for any season!


I love this cabinet with the large clock.  The sparkly trees give it a festive look.
Fun and bright Christmas decor for the table.

This is an easy way to dress up the area on top of the fridge. 

Dining Room
I can't believe I only got 1 picture of the dining room.  At least I got this buffet.  This is where we had self serve water and tea complete with orange slices.  If you have never tried sweet tea with orange slices, you definitely should!  Orange is the new lemon.  Haha.

Hall Bathroom

That picture is a close up of my wedding dress, flowers, shoes, and engagement ring.

The base of this candle holder has a couple Christmas ornaments.

Please excuse the different wall color; it's my camera setting.  Apparently I changed it in the middle of taking pictures of this room.  I love how just a few Christmas ornamnets makes this bathroom cabinet look festive.

Guest Bedroom

My mom hung this white tin above the guest bed and filled it with faux greenery and festive flowers from Ace Hardware.

Everything was so beautiful!  My mom and her friends did an amazing job creating such a warm, welcoming, and "Christmasy" home.  It was a very memorable day.  Thank you mom for letting us take a peek into your home!  I love you, and I appreciate all of your hard work!


  1. The house looks so pretty and festive. Tell your mom I said thanks for letting you show it off. The pictures are beautiful. Merry Christmas!

  2. Amanda,
    Sorry that I wasn't able to join you all this morning. I always have such a great time at your mom's and with all the Poplar Springs ladies.

    I also want to comment about Adam being complementary once you got ready. If he is anything like Greg (and I think he is in this respect and others), I'm sure he wasn't JUST saying it to make you feel better. I think a man that loves his wife thinks she is even more beautiful when she is carrying their child. So even when you are struggling to get in the next size of maternity pants, know that he will still feel the same way. Also know that seeing you and Samantha with your baby bumps at church makes us older moms feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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