Saturday, December 17, 2011

White Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

This week I went to my friend Summer's cookie swap.  It was such a blast hanging out with the church ladies.  We had chips and dips, played a game, did some crafty things, and ate lots of cookies of course!  I attempted to make a was kind of a miss.  I wish I could be more crafty.  I try really hard!

For this cookie swap, I decided to play the pregnancy card.  Haha.  My back seriously has been killing me though, so I wanted to do something fairly easy that wasn't too time consuming or labor intensive.  I decided to make semi-homemade cookies. :)  This is a really easy recipe that your kids could help you with.  It would be a great treat to take to a school party or other Christmas function.  They are just Keebler Grasshopper cookies (chocolate with mint flavoring), dipped in white chocolate, topped with crushed candy canes.  I hope you like them!  As always...this is Pinterest inspired. :)

You will need Keebler Grasshopper cookies, white chocolate morsels, and candy canes.  The amount you need depends on you.  I was making 72 cookies, so I ended up using 2 bags of white chocolate chips, 2 packages of cookies, and 6 candy canes.

Step 1: Put your candy canes in a zip-lock bag, so that you can crush them up without making a mess.  I started with 4 because I wasn't sure how many I would need.  I needed 6.

Step 2:  Take your frustrations out on the innocent bag of candy canes.  Don't you feel better? :)

Step 3: Put about 1 cup of white chocolate chips into a bowl to be melted in the microwave.
And here is where I will tell you theory...if I did mess was right here.  I kind of knew that chocolate could be overheated, but I guess I got daring.  The bag the chocolate chips comes in says to heat 1 cup of morsels for 1 minute at a time, and then stir.  Well, I set the timer for 1 minute on the microwave, checked it, and it still wasn't close to melted.  Stir it?  Nah.  Just set it for another minute and then stir it after that.  Bad idea.

Behold, mashed "potatoes."  Yep, as much as I stirred this stuff, it was NOT gonna melt.  I definitely scorched it.  So....when the bag says 1 minute then stir...DO IT. 

Redo.  Exactly 1 cup.   No more, no less.

1 minute in the microwave, then stirred like mad to get the chunks out.  Wah-la!

Dip in white chocolate and top with crushed candy canes!  I did actually dip this one, the rest I got lazy with and kind of scooped the white chocolate with a spoon and smothered it on there.  It was less messy that way.  But the dipped one turned out the prettiest.

Lots of cookies!
 I set them out on plastic wrap to let the white chocolate harden.  I must admit, I made a few, ate a few, made a few....ate...lots.  So it took a little longer than it should have.  Haha.  In all, it took about an hour to make all of these.  
72 cookies for the tasting! :)
My husband loved them.  He has a thing for anything minty and chocolatey.  I hope you like these! 
Merry Christmas!

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