Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Wizardry of Nesting

Last night, I had my first encounter with nesting.  Nesting is like a drug.  It seriously feels like you are on crack.  No lie.  Ok that might be a lie because I have never had crack.  But I imagine nesting is the equivalent. 

I will start at the beginning.  Two nights ago, I decided that it was time to tackle the nursery.  Up until this point, the nursery has been a storage room.  It once lived a glamorous life as an office/workout room, but quickly became the catch all.  The room where the door always had to be closed.  The room that stressed my husband out.  The room I planned to tackle every weekend.  The neglected room.  The following pictures may not be suitable for all audiences.  Viewer discretion advised.

Yes.  It is shameful.  Now go wash your eyes out with soap.  Anyway, two nights ago, I decided to get all of the baby clothes organized.  We still don't have a dresser, but the whole clothes on the floor situation was not working.  So I went to Walmart (HATE that place with a passion!!!!) and I bought some storage tubs.  I started out labeling them 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, etc.  But then I got confused.  If it's 3 month clothing, does it go in the 0-3 months box or the 3-6 months box?  I'm sure there is an easy answer to that, but my pregnant brain just doesn't function quite like my non-pregnant brain.  So I changed the labels to say Newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, 18 month, and 24 month.  This way, I knew what went where.  (If it said 6-9 months on the label, I put in in the 6 month box so he would obviously get the most wear out of it.)  I'm sure this seems so "duh" to you reading this, but to me, it was a real stumper.  But I eventually got my system down. :)  Here is the progress, just getting started!

Once I finally finished organizing the clothes, I put all of the Newborn-6 months clothing tubs in his closet.  I stacked the other tubs- 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months tubs in the hallway for my sweet husband to take to the garage/attic.  Once we get a dresser, I plan to wash all of the newborn to 3 month clothing and put it in the dresser.  I'll have the 6 month clothing in the closet for when the time comes.

I am going to make some more legit labels for the tubs since those are just big sticky notes.  So I finished the baby clothes.  The room still looked about the same.  Stuff everywhere.  I decided I was tired and told myself I would use the rest of my Christmas break to make sure his room got in order. 

The next evening (last night) around 10:00 I decided to work on the room.  We had a late dinner at Red Lobster, so I wasn't ready for bed yet.  My husband was playing with one of his Christmas gifts on the Wii, so I thought I would try to work on one of the piles of junk in the nursery.  I started on one pile, finished it, moved to the next, cleaned out some books I didn't need anymore from the book shelf, bagged up some trash, bagged up some clothes I've been meaning to donate, put little knick knacks around the house that I have been meaning to disperse, etc.  Nothing big.  I put all of baby boy's things into his closet. We have an empty plastic drawer set in the closet from cleaning out the office, so I put his shoes and socks in one drawer, gifts in another, and bibs, etc. in the bottom drawer.  I was moving at a constant and fast pace.  Before I knew it, I turned around and saw this.  I honestly gasped out loud because I had not realized what had just happened. 

(These pictures were taken today, not last night obviously.)

This was supposed to be a 2-3 day project.  I finished it in 1 hour.  On accident.  It really scared me.  I seriously thought I was dreaming.  There was no way I had finished that whole room.  I went and got the broom, did some sweeping, and was still in disbelief.  If you only knew of all the things in that room and the number of times I have attempted to put things away, you would be astounded too.  Adam told me he was ready for bed, so I told him to look at my progress.  He walked in the doorway to the nursery, and his jaw dropped.  The look on his face was a combination of shock and sheer terror.  He looked at me like I was some sort of unidenified being.  "What happened????" was all he could say.  He ran to the closet to open it, thinking everything would come tumbling out.  But it didn't. All he found were baby's things put away.

Lots of baby hangers, tubs of organized clothes, baby bath tub on top of that with a pillow in it for the nursery, plastic drawers full of baby shoes, etc.  On top of plastic drawers is a cute wire basket I found and more pillows and decor for the nursery.  In between the plastic drawers and storage tubs is all the things we are going to hang on the wall in the nursery.  On the top shelf is a lap desk (I need to do something with that), and on top of that is a wooden shelf that will hang in the nursery.  To the left in the closet (not pictured) is the jogging stroller.

He couldn't believe it.  I couldn't believe it.  He ran around the house looking for things stashed somewhere.  Somehow...and I don't know how...I put most of them where they go.  And if they didn't have a place, I made one.  Crazy. 

All Adam could do was look at me and say, "What kind of wizardry have you been doing back here?"  The only answer I could come up with was "nesting." 

This was my first encounter with this so-called "nesting."  And let me tell you, it is dangerous stuff.  I am terrified to let myself see any more clutter.  You just don't know what might happen.....

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  1. I could use some nesting in my studio! Come on over. Aunt Sandra


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